Timber City

14 October 2016

Timber City exhibit featuring contributions from Gray Organschi written up in Architectural Record

Timber City, the exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC was written up in Architectural Record. Gray Organschi Architecture’s Mill River Carousel Pavilion (pictured) and Common Ground High School are featured.


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17 September 2016

“Timber City” Exhibition Opens at the National Building Museum

The National Building Museum's exhibition on mass timber buildings in the United States features two projects by Gray Organschi Architecture: Common Ground High School and the Mill River Carousel Pavilion. Alan Organschi served as an advisor to the exhibition during its inaugural debut at the Boston Society of Architects in 2014. 

Photograph taken by Brett Rogers.

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12 August 2016

Timber City at the 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering

Alan Organschi and Andrew Ruff will be presenting "Timber City: Growing and Urban Carbon Sink with Glue, Screws, and Cellulose Fiber" at the 2016 World Conference on Timber Engineering in Vienna, Austria.  The paper also features contributions by Chadwick Dearing Oliver, Christopher Carbone, and Erik Herrmann.

12 August 2016

Timber City

Timber City is an ongoing multi-year research project that explores the environmental efficacy and the industrial, structural, and architectural potential of urban “mass” timber construction technologies.  A research initiative of Gray Organschi Architecture, and supported in part by the Hines Research Fund for Advanced Sustainability at Yale University, Timber City is developing a comprehensive approach for incorporating timber construction into cities,  an approach which simultaneously addresses regional material flows, economies of carbon generation and sequestration, the development of new industrial processes, and the complex spatial, architectural, legal, and logistical challenges of constructing timber buildings in dense urban centers.