JIG Design Build

Our studio at 35 Crown Street comprises 6500 square feet of workstations, gallery and meeting spaces, an architectural library and a fully equipped workshop staffed by a full-time technician. We think of our shop and studio as a design laboratory in which experimentation with material, fabrication, and assembly continually feeds our architecture. We advocate no singular method or technique, tending instead to explore ideas and develop solutions relevant and appropriate to each design problem. Our architects and designers spend nearly as much time in the workshop and field as at their desks; each is closely involved in the construction of the work they design, developing prototypes, producing components, and coordinating assemblies.

Our hands-on experience with material and manufacturing technique gives us a particular facility with three-dimensional design and detail. Model-making, both physical and digital, plays a significant role in all stages of our design process, as both study and presentation tool. We carefully test the spatiality of our ideas with study models and we rehearse the assembly of our buildings through detail prototyping and full-scale mock-ups. Many of our projects integrate physical modeling and digital mapping and are produced using computer numerically controlled (CNC) technologies. The physical nature of our design process provides us and our clients and collaborators with especially tangible representations of the design process.

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JIG Design Build

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